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Embue Named a Winner of Commercial Real Estate Tech Award

Embue Named a Winner of RETAS Commercial Real Estate Tech Award

Embue, the apartment building intelligence and automation startup, celebrates achievement in the Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) 

Boston, Mass. -- September 5, 2019 – Embue, a leading provider of apartment building intelligence and automation solutions, today announced that it has been named a winner of the Sixth Annual Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) in the Built World, Smart Property category. The award was presented by CREtech (, the largest event, data and content platform in the commercial real estate tech industry.

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The Top 4 Ways Technology Can Help Reduce the Load on Your Multifamily Maintenance Team

Are you maximizing your maintenance team?

In the multifamily business, your team has to do a lot, from solving resident issues to checking on the heating and cooling systems to keeping everything clean and responding to emergencies -- and that’s just the beginning. The tasks can be routine and monotonous, but they’re absolutely critical to the health of the building and are the keys to resident satisfaction.

The good news is that implementing affordable, cutting-edge technology just might be the answer.

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Are Dumb Window Air Conditioners Freezing Your Building Out from Savings?

So you’ve started to think about moving toward making your multifamily building smart -- but how can window air conditioning units fit into the equation? As it turns out, traditional window and through the wall AC units have much more to offer towards creating an intelligent system than most realize.

Up to now, users had to make the decision between leaving the AC on all day when no one is there, or coming home to a hot apartment and waiting hours for it to cool down. Which do they choose, comfort or waste?

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Embue Thermostat

Why Stop at Smart Thermostats?

There’s no question that smart thermostats are great for residents. The ability to control temperatures remotely, set schedules easily through a smartphone app, and access data history are just a few of the reasons why every multifamily building should be equipped with them.

However, our customers have found that the real value comes from behind the thermostat -- that’s where, for property owners and managers, the magic happens…

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Embue Happy Customers Give Positive Results

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

At Embue, we’re technologists who not only have a passion for, well, technology, but also for buildings. And we’re a startup. Which means that we work hard, work closely and hand-in-hand with our customers to build a product that solves real problems and delivers strong ROI.

And sometimes we’re so heads-down working with customers that it’s hard to see the progress we’ve made.

But that changed last Thursday…

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Embud April Fools 2019
Embud April Fools 2019

Going Green with Embud

Going green has always been our passion at Embue, but today we're taking that a big step further. We're introducing Embud™ our new product line for the marijuana industry.

You may not know that pot growing is a significant energy consumer, one that can defeat anyone's energy efficiency goals. Our multifamily customers discovered this when our building intelligence service discovered excessive electricity consumption by some of their tenants. They soon found out many of them were growing pot and using the landlord's energy to do it! While easily solving this problem for our customers, we recognized an opportunity to take our business to new highs. Further research and discussion revealed that our existing product suite with a few modifications could optimize energy usage, and measure humidity and CO₂ levels for optimum growing conditions. Now growers throughout Massachusetts, Colorado and Washington are lining up to use Embud - but act quickly, we're only taking orders today, April 1, 2019.

Embue’s Robert Cooper Interview on Shadow Ventures

Shadow Ventures’ mission is to help grow the technology companies poised to transform AEC, commercial real estate, and beyond.

Featured article: Embue Brings IoT to a Market Ripe for Disruption

Robert Cooper is a serial entrepreneur whose first startup, a spinout from Cornell University, was acquired for 24X. Let’s just say, he was hooked, and he’s been building companies ever since.

His latest venture, Embue, is a member of Shadow’s CRE Lab and blends Cooper’s passion for sustainability and the built environment with a newfound interest in the multifamily industry.

With a Ph.D. in computer science from Cambridge and a master’s in sustainability from Harvard, Robert said, “Embue combines two things I am passionate about: making buildings more comfortable and efficient and delivering products that customers can depend on.”

We caught up with Robert to discuss hard-won lessons and his vision for the future of multifamily…

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Cretech Hot List Featuring Embue Honor

Embue on The Hot List

Embue was named to 6 HOT #CREtech Companies to Follow List.

“It begins with smart apartment + changes everything about how apt. buildings are operated. Delivered by the team that knows buildings, networks + data analytics.”

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Enbue Technology Enabling Winter Construction

Using Embue Technology to Monitor Winter Construction Conditions

I’ve always found that one of the most fascinating things about working for a technology company is discovering the different and innovative ways customer use your products.

At Embue, the typical use case for our product is to combine IoT devices (sensors, thermostats, outlets and the like) with our cloud-based platform to monitor, manage and control the temperature in apartment units.

And that’s the way most customers use our product.

One of our customers, Maloney Properties, is in the middle of large, $34 million renovation project at Franklin Highlands…

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Energy Savings with Embue

An Exciting Time to be a Proptech Company

It’s an exciting time to be a proptech company, and we’ve noticed a real change in the customer mindset. Over the past year, we’ve seen multifamily owners move from “why should I…” to “how do I…,” and as more buildings become technology enabled, owners, managers, maintenance staff and residents all benefit. But, more on that in another post. In this post, we we’d like to talk about customer adoption and how we’re evolving to meet the needs of this rapidly growing market….

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Mass Clean Energy Funding for Embue

Embue named to MassCEC DeployMass Commercially Ready Technology List

Great news!

Massachusetts has long been a leader in clean energy – in fact, check our scorecard). The clean energy scene here is booming, and Boston is rapidly becoming a hub for building technology startups. It’s an exciting time, for sure.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Embue was recently been named to The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) DeployMass Commercially Ready Technology (CRT) List. The DeployMass program is a leader in the nation and was developed to support the commercialization of new clean energy technologies like Embue. How? DeployMass lowers the risk associated with new technologies by buying down the price of deploying them in both the public sector and in public interest entities. The DeployMass List is a select group of validated, commercially ready technologies that are eligible for funding from MassCEC.

We’re grateful to MassCEC -- it’s a generous program and we’re looking forward to working with our Massachusetts customers and prospects on getting financial assistance to make multifamilies more energy efficient, easier and more cost effective to operate and more comfortable for residents.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me a quick email at

Rober Cooper using Embue in Dublin

Temperature Control 3,000 miles from Home

True story: I recently used Embue Super while drinking a pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. And, also true: I prevented a major problem back home.

Our family was on vacation in Ireland and while we were visiting the #1 tourist spot in Dublin, I got a low temperature alert from Embue on my phone. (I've got Embue installed in my house) Somehow we'd left a couple of thermostats in the Off position. Now, we were 3,000 miles away and it was going to be 10F overnight back in Boston. So I used the Embue Super app on my phone to turn the heat on and check the target temperatures. And then got back to my pint.

This same use case is key for our customers as we head into winter.

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Embue Case Study: Mason Place, Boston MA

Case Study: Mason Place

The dog days of August are behind us, but at Embue things are really heating up. We recently installed Embue in a 127-unit affordable senior housing complex in downtown Boston and we’ve already seen some impressive results. In the first two months of the heavy cooling season, Embue has saved 25% on total electricity usage (kWh) and has reduced the building’s peak demand charge by 25% as well. 

Here in Boston, it’s a familiar story. The building is not unlike many buildings in the city – masonry, built in 1918 and approximately 135,000 sq. ft. The apartments had outdated thermostats mounted directly on Whalen fan coil units so temperature readings were never accurate, leading to severe overheating and over cooling, and residents compensated by opening and closing windows throughout the year to make their apartments livable. The result was wasted energy, wide temperature oscillations, extremely low humidity in the winter and high humidity in the summer.

Just a few months ago, a team from Embue and Building Energy Services in Chelmsford, MA installed new intelligent thermostats in each unit and Embue’s building intelligence system in the building.

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Embue Featured on BuiltTech Podcast

May 01, 2018

BuiltTech Podcast

Introduction to Embue: In this episode, we chat with Robert Cooper of Embue about "Smart" apartments and the IoT technology that is changing the multifamily industry.

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Embue Featured on 'Talk Clean to Me' Podcast

May 2018

Smart homes? Everybody is doing it! But what about smart apartment buildings? Listen to our CEO, Robert Cooper, in conversation with Joe and Chloe from Talk Clean To Me as they explore tackling a unique challenge that requires unique solutions. Along the way you’ll also hear about the founding of Greentown Labs - from humble (and mildly hazardous) beginnings to the successful cleantech incubator it is today.

Embue's CTO, Larry Genovesi

Embue's CTO, Larry Genovesi

New Chairman of the Board

August 16, 2017

Worcester CleanTech Incubator Elects Genovesi Chairman of the Board

Green Builder Editors' Choice Award

Apr 14, 2017

Embue is among the Green Builder 2017 Editors' Choice Awards

From the article:

The Embue Sensor replaces the home thermostat and can adjust household temperature according to weather, humidity, occupancy and energy use patterns. This can cut a monthly bill by up to 25 percent, by not supplying energy where, or when, it’s not needed.

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Photo by: Sam Oberter

Photo by: Sam Oberter

Winners of the 2017 AIA Housing Awards

April 13, 2017

Roxbury E+, in Boston, by ISA–Interface Studio Architects (with associate architect Urbanica) is one of three winners of the ‘One and Two Family Production Housing Category’. The AIA describes this category as recognizing "excellent design of homes built for the speculative market."

Embue is the energy consulting partner of this project amongst several other partners included in this award.

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02_Rear Facade from Marcella Street_Small_Sam Oberter_1.jpg

National Level Award

Our E+//226-232 Highland Street Townhouses received a national level ‘Top Ten Projects’ award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment 2015.

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Leveraging Data

November 23, 2016

MHN Multi-Housing News

From the article:

For companies seeking insights from current properties when planning new ones, data on usage of building amenities is very helpful.  So said Robert Cooper, president & CEO of Embue, a Boston-based smart technology platform specifically for multifamily communities. “You can get real usage data by putting in building sensors, possibly tied to door locks, helping you devise security for these spaces by getting a sense of how they’re being utilized,” he said. “You can determine how many different people are going into the gym, when they’re using it and how many are there at any one time.”

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Embue Among NMHC’s Top Ten

October 18, 2016

Embue included in National Multifamily Housing Council’s 2016 Launch Pad top ten semifinalists.

Launch Pad is the multifamily industry’s leading tech start-up competition and premier showcase of new and innovative multifamily technology solutions.

3. Embue
Embue delivers smart apartments for residents and building intelligence for owners through its portfolio-wide dashboard and in-building network. Embue smart home technology automates management tasks, optimizes resource use and protects against loss.

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Turn Any Residence into a Smart Home with Embue

October 10, 2016


From the article:

Thanks to Embue, it is now possible to control electronic home heating and cooling devices from a single location. It’s a new type of single source property management tool for the multifamily market. It offers property managers a bird’s eye view of the levels efficiency of the properties they’re responsible for monitoring.

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Smart Property Management with Embue

September 23, 2016

Real Estate Tech News

From the article:

The demand for smart home technology is on the rise in all market segments. Cost and a willingness to install are barriers to the technology’s use. Embue’s standardized system removes these barriers by being cost-effective and easy to install. Residents appreciate the improved comfort and energy savings provided by Embue.

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Embue on Real Estate Radio Boston

October 29, 2016

Hosted by Rick Scherer and Ali Alavi
Interview with Robert Cooper, President, CEO and Founder of Embue

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Driving the Adoption of Smart Home Technology

August 12, 2016

Property Manager Insider

From the article:

“The industry will be surprised by just how the smart apartment will become common place in the coming three to five years,” says Embue President and CEO Robert Cooper, whose company is on the leading edge of networking the devices for better operational efficiency. “The competitive drive to keep residents is what will incent them to install smart apartment platforms that match the expectations of today and tomorrow’s renters.”

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Building the Smart Apartment Home of the Future

August 3, 2016

Property Manager Insider

From the article:

“Now you have companies like Embue … that are kind of turn-key solutions,” he said. “They’ll come in and manage it, they do the analytics, they provide you with the data and you don’t have to be an engineer to understand it.”

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Get "Smart" in Your Apartment Home Technology

July 11, 2016

Property Manager Insider

From the Article:

“There are a number of areas that require thought, understanding, and planning to deliver a great [smart] solution,” Cooper says. “Operating an apartment home is becoming a team sport in that the owners, managers and residents need to have the ability to work together to instantly operate an apartment home,” says Behr. Cooper suggests that “smart managers” do their homework and seek out experts and vendors capable of providing a smart solution that fit the needs of each, whether that be for turnovers, emergency or routine maintenance, or to simply assist a resident locked out of their apartment.

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June 15, 2016

NWP a Real Page Company White Paper
“The Internet of Things and Smart Apartments”

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May 27, 2016

The sweep of the Internet of Things, garbage cans and all

by Jake Rozmaryn

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May 11, 2016

The Internet of Things and the Multifamily Resident Experience

by Tim Blackwell

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