Using Embue Technology to Monitor Construction Conditions

Installing Embue sensors on the exterior of the building during the construction process, under the tenting, to monitor temperatures, and get alerts to adverse weather conditions.

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Using Embue Technology to Monitor Winter Construction Conditions


I’ve always found that one of the most fascinating things about working for a technology company is discovering the different and innovative ways customer use your products.

At Embue, the typical use case for our product is to combine IoT devices (sensors, thermostats, outlets and the like) with our cloud-based platform to monitor, manage and control the temperature in apartment units.

And that’s the way most customers use our product.

One of our customers, Maloney Properties, is in the middle of large, $34 million renovation project at Franklin Highlands, one of its multifamily properties here in Boston. A major part of the project includes extensive repairs to the building’s exterior walls, new roofs, and repairing or replacing windows. The external work areas are currently tented, and kept warm with construction heaters so the work can move forward in inclement weather and through temperature changes.

Now, Boston is a tough climate. As I’m writing this, we have temperatures in the single digits. The folks at Maloney were concerned that newly applied surfaces would fail if they experienced freezing temperatures during the renovation process so they came up with the creative idea of installing Embue sensors on the exterior of the building, under the tenting, to monitor temperatures, and get alerts if any locations dropped below 40 Fahrenheit. The team at Maloney has been using Embue Super to keep tabs on the conditions and so far, so good.

And, believe it or not, they’re not the first customer to use Embue for this purpose - we actually have a second customer using our technology to control construction heaters. Maybe we should come up with a new use case?