Robert Cooper

Meet Robert Cooper


Robert Cooper, PhD
President and CEO, Founder

Founder through successful exit at mission critical computing startup and has led product and technology teams at multiple startups and established companies. Co-founded IDS (Cornell startup acquired for 24X revenue), and has held VP/Director-level positions at Stratus, Lucent, Mercury Systems and networking startups. Co-founded energy management company Coincident, and founded Embue after early voice-of-the-customer meetings that uncovered unmet need for operational technology in the multifamily market. Holds PhD in computer science from Cambridge University and a MA in sustainability from Harvard University. Holds two patents.

I’ve always had a tremendous interest in sustainability and am fascinated with the burgeoning real estate technology landscape. With recent developments in things like sensor technology, IoTs, cloud computing and mobile devices, the possibilities are endless. Embue combines two things I am passionate about: making buildings more comfortable and efficient, and delivering products that customers can depend on.