Connected Apartment Building Products

Embue Thermostat™ is a smart thermostat that can operate wirelessly with the Embue Super™ platform and Embue Remote™ smartphone app. The thermostat can be managed by apartment staff from anywhere at anytime. Embue Thermostat and Embue Super work together to diagnose comfort calls, send alerts about problems before they impact residents, and provide information to inform capital planning.

See the Embue Thermostat Datasheet


Embue Smart Wall Outlet™ is a remotely manageable outlet that can be used to control wall sleeve or window air conditioners when paired with an Embue Thermostat™ and Embue Super™ for automation, alerts and remote control.

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Embue Temperature Probes™ connect to boilers and circulating pumps to monitor temperatures and create analytics for alerts and actions.

See the Embue Temperature Probes Datasheet 


Embue Sensor™ measures temperature and humidity in a room, an apartment or in any conditioned space. It can be paired with an Embue Thermostat™ to provide more accurate comfort control, especially in cases where the thermostat is poorly located.

See the Embue Sensor Datasheet


The Embue Smart Load Controller™
is used to automate window and wall sleeve mount air conditioning as well as PTAC units for both heating and cooling. Use for hard-wiring units where a plug-in wall outlet is not the best choice.

See the Embue Smart Load Controller Datasheet



The Embue HVAC Management Module™ is used to gather data and send commands to Modbus and BACnet-enabled HVAC equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, zone controllers and pumps. The module supports both full and half duplex RS485 multi-drop communication.

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The Embue Leak detection and water shut off automation solution is a significant advancement to manage the risk and time that elapses when water problems happen in apartment units and buildings.

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Embue Core™ provides instant access to critical building data and enables automation and remote control of building equipment and the indoor environment. Embue Core is an edge device that collects data minute-by-minute from sensors located throughout the building that provide information on energy usage, temperature, moisture and occupancy.

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