Property Owners + Managers

Property Owners + Managers

We are reinventing how you do property management. 

Embue™ empowers multifamily property managers to tackle energy and operational waste, reduce infrastructure risk, and offer smart apartment amenities.  We offer a cloud based service platform for connected devices across your building portfolio level right down to controlling, managing and servicing each unit including the common areas.


Complete Visibility. Complete Control.

Embue is the only product to combine per-apartment equipment control with alerts and analytics. Our unique predictive maintenance solution gets behind the thermostat to monitor heating / cooling equipment and energy use. 

Regardless of who pays the utilities, you have a strong interest to prevent building damage from burst pipes or mold caused by incorrect temperature settings or a staff member who missed a thermostat check in a vacant unit. Embue automatically detects and prevents unsafe and unhealthy settings in apartments and common areas. Embue’s temperature / humidity / occupancy sensing provide all the inputs needed to safely reduce energy spend while preserving healthy indoor conditions.


Lower Utility Bills. Comfortable Residents.

Save 5-30% in owner utility costs while maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.  

Central HVAC: If your properties have central heating or chiller plants, energy use is usually the #2 or #3 operating expense. Embue's temperature / humidity / occupancy sensing provides automatic setbacks to save energy when residents are out. Our flexible setpoint limit control helps you prevent heating and cooling waste while addressing the needs of different resident types and complying with regulatory mandates. 

Individually Metered: In individually metered properties, common area and vacant unit energy use is a major expense. With Embue, you can reliably and automatically control energy use without relying on contractors and staff to remember to set thermostats correctly. 


Less Legwork. Better Service.

Improve labor usage by resolving most of your residents' too hot / too cold complaints remotely and reducing false complaints.

When residents, supervisors (and regulators) can all see the temperature history, there’s less disagreement and more focus on solving issues.

With smart door locks and occupancy sensors, you can easily arrange maintenance visits with a resident, and give them peace of mind with the visitor log.

Smart locks provide increased security and lower costs during onboarding, and more control over sublets.


Predictable Maintenance. Lower Risk.

Replace emergency repair calls with scheduled maintenance visits. When you know about problems in advance, you can fix them with a scheduled maintenance visit and avoid emergency call-out fees and equipment damage.

Just one undetected equipment or building problem can require emergency labor and cause damage to your building's fabric or HVAC equipment. Mold and water damage remediation can easily exceed your entire maintenance budget within your operating expenses. 

Plan capital equipment replacement intelligently using Embue Super's equipment performance and lifetime analytics tools.