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Building the Smart Apartment Home of the Future

by Tim Blackwell, Property Manager Insider

“There are a number of areas that require thought, understanding, and planning to deliver a great [smart] solution,” Cooper [CEO Embue] says. “Operating an apartment home is becoming a team sport in that the owners, managers and residents need to have the ability to work together to instantly operate an apartment home,” says Behr. Cooper suggests that “smart managers” do their homework and seek out experts and vendors capable of providing a smart solution that fit the needs of each, whether that be for turnovers, emergency or routine maintenance, or to simply assist a resident locked out of their apartment.

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embue featured on 'Talk Clean to Me' podcast

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Embue speaks to Talk Clean To Me, a cleantech startup Podcast highlighting the groundbreaking innovations and entrepreneurs of Greater Boston.

From their site: By interviewing startup founders and CEOs about their experiences in the startup world, we hope to help listeners understand what it really means to start a company.

The Internet of Things and the Multifamily Resident Experience


by Tim Blackwell

No question, smart home technology is opening doors for residents.

Such impressive home automation technology is providing lots of marketing glitz and a hook for tech-savvy residents who want access control to their residence via personal gizmos instead of handling a piece of steel or twisting a dial. Turning lights on and off, lowering shades, and adjusting room temperature is now made easy with a swipe and a couple of taps through a resident’s personal mobile device.

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The sweep of the Internet of Things, garbage cans and all

by Jake Rozmaryn

We are entering a phase in the cleantech revolution where we are reaping efficiency value from even the most mundane items.

“The garbage app reduces energy costs by 50% to 60%. That’s not pie-in-the-sky — those are real savings for real cities that can make them even more livable and enjoyable for residents,” says Tim Wolf, Global Director of Marketing for Smart Grid Solutions at Itron.

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Get "Smart" in Your Apartment Home Technology

by Lea Lashley & Howard Behr

The multifamily industry has an opportunity to bring innovations from the smart home prototype to its residents. But when, and how? Applying “smart” home technology to apartments is a matter of time.

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