Larry Genovesi

Meet Larry Genovesi

larry genovesi

Larry Genovesi
CTO & VP Engineering, Cofounder

Serial entrepreneur in computing, storage and networks. HVAC and controls background. Prior to Embue, Larry founded Network Engines as CEO/CTO, and led the company through rapid growth ($0-45M in nine months) after signing deals with IBM and EMC and taking the company public with a market cap of over $1B. Cofounded CPU Computer (IPO), Ammasso, Terascala, AMPL Energy, member of the CTO office at Cray. Larry holds a BS in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is Chairman of the Worcester Clean Tech Incubator (WCTI). Holds four patents.

My dad was a commercial HVAC designer and he taught me a lot about how buildings operate. I’ve built and designed my own smart home and have a fascination with building science and the emerging real estate technology market. One of the things I enjoy about Embue is that it gives me the opportunity to work with customers on both the building ops and IT sides.

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