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Meet Embue.

Embue Logo - Apartment Building Intelligence.

We are entrepreneurs and engineers. And we love buildings. 

Our expertise includes IoT, SaaS, building automation, intelligent building controls, HVAC, energy efficiency, lighting, full stack engineering, hardware supply chain system and network architecture, intelligent building controls.

Our mission is to make multifamily buildings more cost efficient to own and operate, and to enable property owners to provide the best and most comfortable environment possible for residents.

Meet Our Team.

Robert Cooper, PhD Embue President and CEO, Founder

Robert Cooper, PhD
President and CEO, Founder

Founder through successful exit at mission critical computing startup and has led product and technology teams at multiple startups and established companies. Co-founded IDS (Cornell startup acquired for 24X revenue), and has held VP/Director-level positions at Stratus, Lucent, Mercury Systems and networking startups. Co-founded energy management company Coincident, and founded Embue after early voice-of-the-customer meetings that uncovered unmet need for operational technology in the multifamily market. Holds PhD in computer science from Cambridge University and a MA in sustainability from Harvard University. Holds two patents.

I’ve always had a tremendous interest in sustainability and am fascinated with the burgeoning real estate technology landscape. With recent developments in things like sensor technology, IoTs, cloud computing and mobile devices, the possibilities are endless. Embue combines two things I am passionate about: making buildings more comfortable and efficient, and delivering products that customers can depend on..

Larry Genovesi, Embue CTO & VP Engineering, Cofounder

Larry Genovesi
CTO & VP Engineering, Cofounder

Serial entrepreneur in computing, storage and networks. HVAC and controls background. Prior to Embue, Larry founded Network Engines as CEO/CTO, and led the company through rapid growth ($0-45M in nine months) after signing deals with IBM and EMC and taking the company public with a market cap of over $1B. Cofounded CPU Computer (IPO), Ammasso, Terascala, AMPL Energy, member of the CTO office at Cray. Larry holds a BS in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is Chairman of the Worcester Clean Tech Incubator (WCTI). Holds four patents.

My dad was a commercial HVAC designer and he taught me a lot about how buildings operate. I’ve built and designed my own smart home and have a fascination with building science and the emerging real estate technology market. One of the things I enjoy about Embue is that it gives me the opportunity to work with customers on both the building ops and IT sides.

Rich Hanlon, Embue VP of Sales and Marketing

Rich Hanlon
VP of Sales and Marketing

Industry veteran with deep experience in energy and in marketing and selling energy-related products. Prior to Embue, Rich was COO at Energy Source, a turnkey implementer of energy conservation services, and held senior sales and marketing positions at Daintree and Osram Sylvania. Rich holds a BS in EE from Western New England University, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, and holds a Certified Energy Manager certification.

I’ve spent the bulk of my career working for industry leaders in the lighting and building controls industry and have seen how innovation can make buildings more sustainable and easy to manage. Embue is in a unique position to make a big impact for both property owners and residents – and I’m excited to roll out our smart apartment technology to buildings everywhere.

  Kevin Fowler  Software Engineering

Kevin Fowler
Software Engineering

  Bradley Noyes  Cloud and Analytics

Bradley Noyes
Cloud and Analytics

  Peter Pavlovich  Software Architecture

Peter Pavlovich
Software Architecture

  Robin Yohannan  Firmware Engineering

Robin Yohannan
Firmware Engineering

  Maryellen Edwards  Marketing Director

Maryellen Edwards
Marketing Director


Meet Our Advisors.

  Peter Biro  Financial, Operations

Peter Biro
Financial, Operations

  Arun Buduri  Go To Market

Arun Buduri
Go To Market

  Ken Leeser  Privacy, Security + Compliance

Ken Leeser
Privacy, Security + Compliance

  Mike Smith  Multifamily Property Management, RE Tech

Mike Smith
Multifamily Property Management, RE Tech

  Roberta Sydney  Commercial Real Estate Developer

Roberta Sydney
Commercial Real Estate Developer