Smart multifamily products

smart multifamily products


Embue Remote™ delivers the smart home to each resident on their phones, tablets and the web. Through Embue Remote, residents control their thermostats and door locks, and get alerts about problems or maintenance events in their apartments.


Embue Thermostat™ is a smart thermostat that can operate wirelessly with Embue Super’s™ dashboard and the Embue Remote™ smart phone app. The thermostat has the ability to operate as a stand-alone thermostat at any time necessary. It can be quickly enrolled onto the Embue portfolio-wide cloud platform and seen by apartment staff for diagnosing comfort calls or gathering information to schedule maintenance and capital planning. The thermostat acts as a router to assist in building the Embue mesh network.



Embue Super™ is the equipment operations center for your properties. Embue Super provides actionable alerts, recommendations and remote control via web, tablet and smartphone. It empowers building managers and supervisors to fix problems, reduce operations expense and improve capital spend timing. Embue Super is implemented in the cloud but keeps critical functions working even when the Internet is down.


Embue Sensor™ measures temperature, humidity, and occupancy (motion sensing) in a small battery powered device that mounts on any wall. Because Embue Sensors are inexpensive, you can place them in multiple rooms in an apartment and common areas. Batteries last 5 years in normal use and alert via Embue Super™ when replacement is imminent.


Embue HVAC Module™ controls the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in an apartment. Typically mounted directly onto the equipment in the apartment’s utility closet, Embue HVAC Module also contains sensor inputs for monitoring equipment health and checking for moisture.


Embue Core™provides the processing power and networking infrastructure that links Embue devices with the cloud. It communicates wirelessly with Embue Sensors™, Wall Controls™ and HVAC Modules™.

Embue is the first cost-effective cloud-based connected portfolio wide solution to combine per-apartment equipment control, receive alerts and remotely control devices from anywhere. Embue's network infrastructure solution is what make predictive analytics possible for equipment monitoring and real time energy savings. We have patents pending on our networked architecture, control algorithms & analytics.