Connected Apartment Building Devices

connected apartment building devices


Embue Thermostat™ is a smart thermostat with programmable schedule, temperature and humidity sensing. It can be quickly enrolled onto the Embue Super Dashboard and seen by apartment staff for diagnosing comfort calls or gathering information to schedule maintenance and inform capital planning.


Embue Leak Detector™ is a device that allows for moisture/leaks to be detected where water problems usually occur. The most common areas to place the leak detector sensors are: kitchen (sink/dishwasher), bathroom (sink/toilet) and, pans (hot water tank, air conditioning, heat pumps, and washing machine).


Embue Core™ is a purpose-built appliance that lives in the apartment building. It provides collection, local processing and bidirectional transfer of data. Commands and alerts from the Embue mesh building network, devices, and software are sent to the Embue Super Cloud that it serves.



Embue Sensor™ measures temperature and humidity and detects occupancy in a room within the living space.






Embue Temperature Probes™ connect to boilers and circulating pumps to monitor temperatures and create analytics for alerts and actions.

Embue Smart Wall Outlet™ provides a controlled outlet that can be used to control wall sleeve or window air conditioners when paired with an Embue Thermostat and Embue Super Cloud platform.





Embue HVAC Management Module™ is the interface that connects to the boiler room or roof top equipment via BACnet and Modbus. The connection between the building-wide equipment and the individual apartments allows for information to be gathered and correlated with actual temperatures between the locations for improved energy management and resident comfort.